Alison Belbin Bio 1

Alison Belbin 

Director of Operations

Alison comes to Prime’ with over a decade of experience in business development and operations management. As a successful entrepreneur, her true passion lies in revenue growth via customer experience and community engagement.

In 2015 she was awarded Vancouver Island’s
Top 20 Under 40 Business Excellence Award  
for her achievements in both areas. 

She is a long-time volunteer photographer with NILMDTS at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital and volunteer board member and consultant with VIHA. 




Alison started dance and soccer when she was 3 years old and went on to be a competitive dancer, then teacher, college soccer player, and coach. Alison coached at the VIPL level, and continues to play on the field herself. In 2017, an article she wrote, Let Her Play, appeared in the Globe and Mail and was recognized as one of the Globe’s top 10 most read Facts & Arguments articles of the year. 

Over the past few years Alison has grown fond of using middle-distance running as an excuse to travel. Her most recent adventure run was a half-marathon on the Great Wall of China and next on the list is a marathon in Granada, Spain. Currently, she is spending as much time as she can on the tennis court, challenged by taking up the ‘new-to-her’ sport seriously in the past year.

As someone who never shies away from a physical challenge, she is thrilled to be at Prime’, a positive and motivating environment where athletes of all ages and abilities come to push themselves toward personal victories.