Athlete Speed and Strength

The Athlete Speed and Strength program will focus on strength, power and ​acceleration
through three progressive phases. Each session is 60 minutes and runs three times/week.

Ages 14 to 16

June 28 – September 3, 2021

11:00AM – 12:00PM

 4:30 – 5:30pm


The objective of our Athlete Speed and Strength program is to develop a strong, powerful and coordinated athlete that is able to generate explosive speed, produce lightning fast quickness and execute fluid efficient change of directions. 

The ability to read & react within a sports environment with a fast and accurate response is critical to sport success. By training the neuromuscular system, the athlete becomes better connected, creating a more efficient system of movement. Our Athlete Speed and Strength programs are built on progressively increasing activation of the neuromuscular system. Prime’s  training focuses on the increased proprioception and awareness necessary to maintain balance in unstable and unpredictable situations such as those present in all sports.

Become quicker, faster, and more explosive this season with Prime’ Sport Performance Athlete Speed and Strength training.  

This program will be broken down into three phases:

Uni-limb strength, full body stiffness, and correct sprinting mechanics and coordination.

Full body power, and creating ground contact force.

Reactive full body power, and increasing sprinting velocity.

Each day the sessions will be broken down to:

60%: Acceleration, top end speed, sprint mechanics, plyometrics, power, first step quickness, multi-direction speed, and reactivity.

40%: will focus on strength and power: Uni-limb strength and power production, coordination, and balance.

Registration for new and returning participants: