Avery Snider Bio 1

Avery Snider

Performance Coach

BKIN, Registered Kinesiologist (BCAK), S.T.R

Avery is a Bachelor of Kinesiology graduate from Vancouver Island University. She completed her KIN degree in 2020 and registered as a Kinesiologist shortly after. Avery has worked as a Rehabilitation Assistant in the past and is passionate about helping people achieve functional movement and regaining strength and mobility following injuries.

Avery grew up on Vancouver Island in the Comox Valley and has played high level sports all her life including hockey, field hockey, golf, and basketball. While completing her KIN degree she played for the VIU Women’s Basketball team for 5 years. Avery understands the demands of playing sport on the body and the importance of strength training to compete at the highest levels.


Avery has had experience previously working with the VIU Basketball team as a Kinesiologist/Trainer on the sidelines and loves being in a sporting environment whenever she gets the chance.


Avery is super excited to be joining the multidisciplinary team at Prime and learn and work with some of the best in the field. Avery is passionate about continuing to improve as a Coach and KIN while at Prime and strives to make a positive impact on all the clients and athletes she works with.

Avery Snider Bio 2
  • Member of Team BC Basketball
  • Member of the UVIC Women’s Basketball Team
  • Member of the VIU Women’s Basketball Team
  • 2 Time CCAA Academic All-Canadian
  • 3 Time PACWEST Provincial Champion
Avery Snider Bio 3
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology, Vancouver Island University (2020)
  • Soft Tissue Release (STR) Level 1
  • NCCP: Sports Nutrition
  • NCCP: Fundamental Movement Skills
  • NCCP: Coaching Athletes with a Disability
Avery Snider Bio 4
  • VIU Women’s Basketball
  • Nanaimo Night Owls