Ballistic Throwing Program

Ballistic Throwing Program 6

Data driven training, maximizing your improvements.

Our Ballistic Throwing Program is designed for high school baseball athletes looking
to increase arm strength, arm speed, and mechanical efficiency,
which will ultimately lead to increased throwing velocity.

Ballistic Throwing Program 7

Our Ballistic baseball training program is geared towards two key areas: mechanical efficiency and arm care. The tools and programming you will be given focus on these two areas to optimize your performance and help you develop in the short and long-term. Additionally our Ballistic Throwing program utilizes weighted balls, max effort and sub-maximal throwing, as well as specific warm-up and recovery techniques to train throwers who succeed at the next level.

Using weighted balls, we have to be very attentive, therefore we will only offer this program to:

1.     athletes 14 years + (biologically matured).
2.    athletes who have passed our screening tests (a hypermobile athlete is at greater risk of injury).

This programs’ success is based on a ramped up protocol, meaning that athletes must attend this program at least 2x/wk allowing athletes the opportunity to accumulate adequate throwing volume to effectively ramp up.

Registration for new and returning participants: