Carmela Bio 1

Carmela Patten

Performance Coach

BSc.Kin(c); Performance Coach; Soft Tissue Release Certified 

Carmela is a recent graduate from the University of Victoria. She has always had passion for human physiology and how it contributes to healthy movement, which ultimately led her to pursue a degree in kinesiology. At university Carmela took a particular interest in motor-learning and patterning within the brain, and further extended her education to include a minor in neuropsychology.

Alongside her undergraduate studies Carmela worked within the UVic Concussion laboratory collecting baseline and post-injury performance data to contribute to a province-wide study. Amongst her laboratory work Carmela also conducted her own research investigating the effects of Virtual Optic-flow as a balance training tool. Ultimately, Carmela hopes to further her education and earn a subsequent Doctor of Medicine degree.

Carmela’s own history of physical activity is diverse. Keeping busy she was involved in multiple sports such as basketball and wrestling, and played competitively in volleyball, dance and swim. Branching out, Carmela played for the UVic Water-polo team for 2 years during university.

Her passion to promote good movement has enabled Carmela to work with individuals of all ages and abilities. Growing up she spent much time mentoring local youth within the Sea Cadet program, leading them through regular physical activity as the Physical Education Instructor. More recent experiences have allowed Carmela to work as a specialized Fitness Coach for adults ages 55+ requiring strength, conditioning or post-surgical rehabilitation in order to carry out activities of daily living.

Returning home to Nanaimo, Carmela hopes to apply her knowledge as a practicing Kinesiologist and develop her skills as a performance coach. She believes that building a strong foundation for proper movement is what ultimately allows for lifelong physical activity and prime performance. Whether it be acute/chronic rehabilitation or improving sport specific skills, Carmela will use her knowledge in biomechanics and movement foundation to help those individuals reach their movement goals.

Carmela Bio 2
  • Bachelor of Science, Major in Kinesiology & Minor in Neuropsychology
  • Sportsmed BC Certificate
  • NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills (Age 6 – 9)
Carmela Bio 3
  • Vike’s Men’s Rowing Team – Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Castaway Wanderer’s Premier Women’s Rugby – Athletic Trainer