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Jalin Couper

Certified Athletic Therapist; Certified Cupping professional


Jalin Couper joins the Prime’ Performance & Therapy team as an Athletic Therapist. She has a Degree in Athletic Therapy from Camosun College, a Bachelors of Science Human Kinetics Degree from the St Francis Xavier University and is a Certified Athletic Therapist with the Canadian Athletic Therapists’ Association.

From an early age, Jalin spent a lot of time watching sports with her family, which led her to develop her passion to become part of a team. Now she is bringing this passion to the sidelines and into the treatment room.

Jalin has worked in a wide variety of therapeutic settings as an Athletic Therapist and has worked with athletes at all levels of sport. She specializes in performance-driven rehabilitation and has had, and continues to have the opportunity to travel internationally while working with world class athletes. This has given her the opportunity to further her knowledge and she now works with multiple teams, often finding herself on the field with Rugby, Football and Soccer, or at the rink with Lacrosse and Hockey teams. She enjoys working with clients from all backgrounds and abilities to collaboratively improve everyday function, empowering them to guide their own health and well being into resuming their healthy lifestyle.

Jalin’s own history with sports was quite varied. To name a few, she has played ringette, hockey, volleyball and field hockey, and it was a rare night that she was not at a rink, pitch or court. To this day not much has changed and now instead of wearing a jersey, she’s caring for and ensuring that athletes of all levels have access to the medical care they require.

Jalin is looking forward to working closely with the rest of the Prime Team in order to provide the highest standard of care. Her goal is to not only treat and rehabilitate injuries, but to also help the patient prevent further injuries, ultimately helping them optimize their performance.​


MET, IASTM, Soft tissue release, Rockpod cupping, Traction & joint mobilization and Standard taping/K-taping

Jalin Couper Bio 2
  • Bachelor of Science Human Kinetics, Saint Francis Xavier University
  • Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy, ​Camosun College
  • Certified Athletic Therapist
  • Emergency First Responder Certified
  • ​World Rugby Level 2 Immediate Care in Rugby Certified
Jalin Couper Bio 3
  • Nanaimo Timbermen Sr. B Lax
  • Rugby Canada
  • BC Rugby
  • VI Raiders Football
  • VIU Men’s Hockey