Prime’d: Week…7?

I was excited heading into Week 3…way back in the dying days of 2020. Then I got sick, unable to be in the gym for 2 weeks while the antibiotics kicked in and my body healed. That meant taking as long away from the program as I had just completed. After getting ahead, suddenly it was a tie game and I’d just been caught looking the wrong way, with my shoe untied. Did I lose any progress I had made? (Turns out it doesn’t work that way, but I still felt extremely defeated). 

The illustration above is an accurate representation of my progress – mentally and physically – over the last 2 months.

My first day back in the gym with Max was January 5th. During the entire drive in that morning I was comforted by my own excuses, prepared to ask him to go easy on me because I was newly recovered and not sure of how I was feeling…blah, blah, blah. But, as soon as I heard his cheerful, “Good Morning!” over the music, I couldn’t bring myself to ask for a soft pass. I knew he wouldn’t have agreed anyway. Of course by the end of that first session back I was proud of myself for not taking the easy route and thankful for Max for not allowing me to. 

I swear in his direction sometimes, and grumble often, but I do neither as much as I laugh. The difficulty of the past month has made me realize how crucial the coach and client fit is. On your own it’s very easy to not do the hard things and make all the excuses to justify why. With the right person cheering you on and holding you accountable, the entire game changes. There are days I don’t bother to show up for myself, but I would never dream of standing Max up in the gym.

In order for a client/coach relationship to work there needs to be a balance of motivation and accountability, trust and respect. The secret-sauce formula is different for everyone but trust is imperative so a client feels safe being vulnerable sharing their insecurities and perceived barriers to reaching their goals. But, there must also be respect that the coach needs to use those challenges to motivate, not excuse. It’s important to have a coach who is willing to celebrate your hard fought victories, but just as important that they push you to reach beyond them. 

I look forward to my workouts with Max. Through the program he has developed for me, I’ve discovered how much I like lifting weights, something I’d never pictured myself doing before. Even though I’m still a featherweight, it’s extremely gratifying being able to lift a little heavier each week. I value having professional guidance and supervision so I can execute all these new-to-me movements correctly. Knowledge breeds confidence and confidence breeds action.

But, just having my own personal cheerleader is damn cool too.


Max: This week it was particularly rewarding to see the enjoyment Alison got from completing some of the challenging exercises in the session (ie: the dreaded pull up). Finding a modified starting point that was right for her was important in setting her up for success so that she can continue to safely build up to completing pull ups without any assistance.

Her positivity and engagement in this session is something that I feed off of as a coach and also bodes well for her progress. We are far more likely to stick with the  challenges that accompany progress on route to goal achievement in the health and fitness world, if we are more engaged and interested in the steps along the way – having the right mindset can make a huge difference in determining your level of success. 

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