Prime Performance and Therapy

We help our clients take control of their health so they can ​achieve more and reach higher​.

This is achieved combining therapeutic care, fitness training and personal empowerment
in our holistic approach to wellness and performance. 

Performance is for all of us
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We offer premier, fully customizable solutions for our clients. Success is a science. With the proper environment and support, results are inevitable. ‘Performance’ is about achieving what matters most to our clients. Success is personal.

We connect people to elements vital to their health, supplying the tools needed to perform consistently at a high level. It doesn’t matter the profession – from city worker to nurse to athlete – Prime’ helps drive you to improve every day.

Prime Sport Performance Gym in Nanaimo

Our premium facility creates a safe and supportive environment that allows our clients
to take control of their health and well-being. Our programs range from introductory
adult strength training and weight loss to youth programs and elite sport-specific training.

The Prime’ approach is rooted in a performance-based triad:

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Prime’ Performance and Therapy has a variety of programs to meet the needs of teams, athletes
and individuals. Our programs range from weight loss and adult training to introductory
and youth programs, and elite sport-specific training. 

Therapy Services

Our multidisciplinary, cohesive team of therapists will promote recovery from physical stress and/or injury, including; sport injuries, workplace and motor vehicle accident related injuries, overuse and repetitive strain injuries. They will guide you to increase mobility and build strength while decreasing tightness and pain. Our #1 goal is to help you to feel and perform your best.

Our services offered:


Athletic Therapy

Massage Therapy




(Coming Soon)

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We are able to direct bill ICBC for all of our clinicians.

If you are involved in a MVA – ( Motor Vehicle Accident ), and are covered by ICBC, you are automatically entitled to:

25 Chiropractic sessions within the first 12 weeks of a car accident

12 Acupuncture sessions within the first 12 weeks of a car accident

12 Athletic Therapy sessions within the first 12 weeks of a car accident

12 Kinesiology sessions within the first 12 weeks of a car accident

12 Massage Therapy sessions within the first 12 weeks of a car accident

No referrals needed

PLEASE NOTE – these sessions must be booked within the first 12 weeks after the date of the MVA.

If you’ve been injured in a MVA, be sure to call Prime’ to
 book your appointment, as the ‘clock is ticking’.

Please drive safe out there everyone
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You can now train at Nanaimo’s premier athlete-centric facility on your own time, without having a scheduled training session. Our state of the art 6000 sq ft training floor was designed and created by athletes, for athletes.

Limited number of memberships available

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About Us

Our team of industry-leading practitioners offer evidence-based, and best-practice treatments to our clients including:

Certified Coach &
Personal Trainers






Everything we offer is under one roof so you can rest assured you will receive a comprehensive, evidence-based course of treatment from the most experienced, and well-versed practitioners. 

Our team comes from wide ranging backgrounds which add to a culture
that will make you feel comfortable and at “home” at Prime’.

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It’s no secret all things, whether difficult or wonderful, affect us. It’s how we choose to deal with these things that show up on our faces and our bodies. Join Alison, our new Director of Operations as she begins her personal training adventure with our Kinesiologists.

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April Newsletter

April Newsletter

Do you know about our current Spring Programs? Are you interested in learning some health, fitness and training tips? To find out what we have planned this Spring at Prime’ check out our April Newsletter.

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