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At Prime’, each Physiotherapist has the opportunity to work with a broader performance team. This interdisciplinary team work takes place under one roof here at Prime’, meaning no minor detail is missed. 


Chiropractic doctors treat pain that centres around spines, muscles, joints and nervous systems. This can include back and neck pain, strains, sprains, pain caused by arthritis and work or sports injuries. Chiropractic care can work to alleviate these types of injuries, while also promoting good health and improving the quality of your life.


Osteopathic manual therapy is a gentle, non-invasive form of manual therapy. The goal of Osteopathic treatment is to restore health to an area by removing restrictions in all layers of tissue.

 Our osteopathic approach will stabilize motility throughout your unique gastrointestinal system before diligently following any reactions or patterns into your musculoskeletal system. 

 Osteopathic care has been found to be helpful for people of all ages with all types of health concerns, including: musculoskeletal issues, spinal health, traumatic injury, digestive irregularity, sleep problems, reproductive issues, respiratory health, migraines and chronic pain.

massage therapy

Whether you are suffering from a new injury, or have the need to address long-standing pain issues, massage therapy offers solutions. It is also ideal for stress relief. Through a combination of breathing and massage techniques including Myofascial Release, Swedish, Range of Motion, Light Stretching and Deep Tissue, our massage therapy services will help ease pain while improving relaxation in daily life.


Kinesiology alleviates a variety of body imbalances relating to joint and muscle pain, stress, nutrition and minor injuries. Back pain, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder or migraines can all be treated through kinesiology care.

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