Joanie Chuakay Bio 1

Joanie Chuakay

4th Year Kinesiology Student

4th year student: Kinesiology; Soft-Tissue Release – in-progress

Originally from Port Coquitlam, Joanie is currently entering her final year of Kinesiology at Vancouver Island University. Joanie has always had a passion for helping others; she initially started her career as a nursing student, however found her true passion in strength training and rehabilitation. Ultimately, Joanie plans to further her education and receive her Masters of Occupational Therapy.

Growing up, Joanie has always been involved in multiple competitive sports such as basketball, volleyball and track and field. She is now competing competitively in CrossFit. In 2018, she competed in her first competition – Fraser Valley Throwdown. In 2019, she competed in the CanWest Games and will compete at the 2020 CanWest CrossFit Championships.

Joanie will utilize her knowledge in the Kinesiology field to help all individuals achieve their goals and build a strong foundation for movement.

Joanie Chuakay Bio 2
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology, Vancouver Island University
  • Soft Tissue Release Certificate – in-progress
  • NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills (Age 6 – 9)
  • NCCP Dynamic Motor Skills
  • NCCP Coaching Athletes with a Disability
  • NCCP Making Head Way in Football
Joanie Chuakay Bio 3
  • CrossFit Fraser Valley Throwdown
  • CanWest CrossFit Games
  • CanWest CrossFit Championships