Max Maclav Bio 1

Maximilian Vaclav

TPI Certified

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Max completed both an Honours Bachelor and Graduate Diploma program in Lakehead University’s Kinesiology stream.

While at Lakehead, he worked for the University’s Biology department and the Northern Ontario
School of Medicine in assisting with their Anatomy programs where he helped students understand the human body and capacity for movement in detail.

Max has been a Registered Kinesiologist and certified personal trainer for the past 4 years. In that time, he has worked in the health and performance industry and has strived to provide an open, welcoming and science-based approach to helping individuals of all backgrounds and fitness levels. Max has experience with an array of clientele ranging from athletes and neurological conditions to individuals with chronic pain or those simply looking to improve their general level of fitness.

Max’s passion for helping others move well and get active stems from a history physical activity and involvement in sport. In addition to playing competitive soccer growing up, Max has been avidly golfing for the past 10 years. His love for the game of golf drove him to further explore the impact of of health and fitness on golf performance and led to his certification with the Titleist Performance Institute so the could help the golf population get more out of their game and body.

Max has had experience as part of interdisciplinary units in the past and has seen first-hand the benefit that this approach has on rehabilitation and patient outcomes. He is excited to be working alongside the talented team at Prime’ and to be living in the Harbour City!